When Life Throws You Lemons…..

Well, we all have our ending to this phrase, lol.

I say throw because the good and bad are not always handed to you.  Sometimes it comes right at you.
To say the last week has been trying would be correct.
I won’t sit here and lament or wax poetic.  Mostly because a lot of it is private and I am respecting other people’s privacy.  They all deserve that.

What the heck does that have to do with lemons and crap?

Well, struggling with depression on and off for 4 years has really given me insight.  Being off my meds and dealing with ALL THE FEELINGS has been working out okay. Sometimes I follow my own insight.  Sometimes I hide in my fort. 

But it’s a choice.

A choice to hide from the world and think about all the crappy things….OR….find what makes you happy and embrace life.  Even the crap.  Because the crap is a lesson.

A good friend of mine challenged a few of us to write down what we were grateful for this week.  I’ve saved it in my email, because it’s something I want to add to and when I look at it I remember that my life isn’t so sucky as I sometimes think.

It has, this week anyway, put things into perspective for me.

I know what motivates me, and what doesn’t.

With this knowledge I am beginning this week anew.

Building a better, faster, stronger Amy.

(A small snippet from my list:







Running skirts.

My depression and anxiety – because I am forced to take a step back and focus.)

What will this entail Amy??

Well, I am looking into purchasing a bike.  Not being cleared to run yet (BUT, I have been cleared to run in the Fall – Booya!) I am looking for something challenging that will get me outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I love walking.  I just need something different.
Also, much core and upper body work (don’t worry, I will not cancel leg day, haha) to carry me through when my legs are thinking about giving up during my races next year.

This is a “start again” moment, and I am taking advantage of it.

What will we be seeing?

More insightful posts (hopefully! lol), related to my new journey.

Encouragement, support, some high fives, and lots of funny.

Because what’s life without funny!

So come along, ask questions, and join in on the conversation 🙂