What The Heck Has Been Going On??? (Part 2)


What we woke up to during Storm #1
This past week on the East Coast of Canada has not been ideal.  While other parts of the country have actually been having a transition into Spring, we have had THIS. Snow snow and more snow 😦

After the Storm #1 (EC has the snow on the ground for this day at 34 cms) during Saturday evening/Sunday Morning, they were forecasting (at first) 5cms for Tuesday eve into Wednesday.
My 4:30ish am shot on Wednesday.
We woke up to SNOWMAGGEDON. 
For those who are not aware, in February 2004 we had quite a blizzard, which was dubbed “White Juan”It was given this name because on September 29, 2003, Halifax was hit with Hurricane Juan.  (The name Juan was retired after this storm)
I was living here during both storms.  Both powerful, both causing damage and states of emergency.
So when I looked out my window on Wednesday morning, I was not hopeful that it would be ending any time soon.


So much for 5cms…which was then upgraded to 30cms, and then….this.

And it didn’t.  It snowed….ALL DAY…..and into the evening.  My office was closed, Halifax was basically shut down.

And yes, we actually ventured out…

My brother had graduated from the Military Policy Academy earlier this month and came home to move his family to CFB Suffield.
They were in a hotel not far from us.
We had ventured down later in the evening (to say our goodbyes) on roads that used to be two lanes, but were cut down to one.
You could not really get down my street, although cabin fever got to some folks and they braved the elements.

The bite-y snow
It was not easy getting around and the snow seemed to be coming from every direction.
I ventured out once earlier in the day to see what was going on.  I made it to the end of my road and turned around.
It was very bite-y.
To get to my brother and his family, my daughter and I had to get to the main road to be picked up by my parents.

We encountered a dad with his two littles who were out (mostly for dad’s sanity I am sure…).  And then a truck came up the main road and stopped.  Not sure if he was just stuck, tired or maybe waiting to turn around in disgust.

The Main Road – inbetween wind gusts.
As we said our goodbyes, the storm raged on.
We left the hotel just before it got too dark.  And the travelling was just as crappy.
People were driving like jerks and the weather was getting to everyone.  We hunkered down for the rest of the evening and waited for an announcement on Halifax Transit for Thursday (they cancelled all services on Wednesday).

My Street Wednesday Evening…
My office was closed again Thursday.  Halifax Transit delayed service as the main garage was unstable (the snow on the roof causing some issues) and only provided the basic service from 3pm on.
Luckily, my physiotherapy office is just down the road from my place.  My Wednesday appointment had been cancelled, so I went in on Thursday morning.
Those drifts on Thursday morning – twice my height. 


And then, another yucky mess

We had another gross “weather event” last night.  This did bring some rain, but then it snowed.

This morning…with the mocking sun behind the clouds…sigh.
Not like our last two storms, but still, I think we are all tired now.
Some folks here have shovelled out their own streets, sidewalks and roofs.  There are still sidewalks by my place that we may not see until June (yes, that is sarcasm, lol).
Some building roofs collapsing under the heavy snow.  Some retailers have been closed for the past couple of days because of the structural concern.

The wind howls outside today.
And March Break is over.
I am wondering what tomorrow will bring, as Friday was not an ideal commute to OR from the office.  A lot of kids will be walking on the street (as us adults were last week).  Being a pedestrian is a little dangerous right now.
So, if anyone is hiring legal staff in Belize, let me know.  I’d be willing to seriously consider it 😉