Knee Surgery, Back Spasms and Post Surgery Fun!

There will be some knee photos…you’ve been warned….

On Wednesday, I had my knee surgery.

I got up as usual, and my first thought was “Okay, I’ll go down and feed the cats, then…..”

That pause.  That was when I realized I wasn’t able to eat OR drink anything.

*Le Sigh*

I sat with V while she got ready to head off to school.  I watched some TV and fell asleep.  This was a good thing.  It took my mind off of no food/no drink, lol.

11:30 – the Calvary arrived to take me to the hospital.  This included my buddy Squishington (my 3 year old niece). 

We arrived at the Dartmouth General Hospital shortly after noon.  Was I nervous?  HELL YES!! 

This is a “non-winter” pic, lol.

The weather here has been horrendous, which means the parking lot was a skating rink.  My sister-in-law advised that if I was going to fall, that was the time, because we already at a hospital, faster service.  LOL

Squishington made friends in the waiting room while I got registered.  She delivered newspapers to everyone in sitting. 

We were then shuffled down to the day surgery unit.

I was sent “around the corner” where I sat with other day surgery peeps.  Some of the folks were there for gall bladder removal.  They were the ones in the cool purple johnny shirts and funky purple socks.

Meanwhile I was taken to put on the regulatory blue johnny shirt with green housecoat (sex-ay) and fabbie blue slip ons for my feet (no socks allowed)

And there we sat, a hungry and thirsty group of people, cursing everyone who came and filled their water bottle in front of us.

And then, I heard my name 🙂

I was taken to the pre-surgery area where the lovely RN took my all my vitals and info.  She talked about what would be going on before I was wheeled away.

Then, she left me 😦   So I laid down and chilled.

Little did I know, on the other side of the curtain was recovery for…..Colonoscopy.  Yep.  Fart-o-rama.

Now, these poor people are really not THAT aware that they are letting ‘er rip as much as they are.  And because I am a kid at heart, it was so hard not to laugh.

On the other side of me – man who kept saying “OMG I am so hungry”.  Uh duh.  We all are you doofus.

At long last…

The anaesthesiologist came and explained what she was going to do to put me to sleep.  About the tube that would be going down my throat once I was asleep to assist with my breathing.

The RN came, went over all my details again, and off we walked to the Operating Room!

It was a cornucopia of women.  I think Dr. Legay was the only man in the operating room 😉  Poor guy, lol.

And then, I woke up!

It was like magic!

And boy did I ever want a cheeseburger.  Not the woman beside me though…eeeep.

Clothes on, Ginger Ale consumed, let’s blow this popsicle stand!  MILKSHAKE!

Once all of my vitals were good, I was taken to step down where I had some ginger ale (holy moly it tasted delicious) and my vitals were taken again.  The nurse came and gave me my directions and follow up information.

Drink of the Gods…Chocolate Milkshake 🙂

My clothes were returned to me and I was able to get dressed so I could be wheeled out to the waiting car 🙂

On the way home, my post surgery milkshake was obtained and it was like heaven in my mouth.  For real.

I was plumped on the couch on arrival all snuggled up and had a small turkey wrap to go with my Heaven Drink.

But really, dry crackers would have tasted decadent at this point!


SO, what are the details?

Post Op Diagnosis: Loose Body – Osteochondritis Dessicans
                          Early Arthritis medial compartment only

Procedure: Excision Loose Body (2cm )

This is a much better outcome that what was anticipated.  There was the possibility of pins, which would have had a much longer recovery outlook.  But since the whole chunk came out, no pins.

All cleaned up!

“You will be a candidate for high tibial osteotomy….”


What was that?

More knee surgery in the future.  This should delay knee replacement in my “later years”

To top it all off, I’ve had very very painful lower back spasms since Saturday.  Today is the first day I have been able to get to and from the washroom on my own (well, with a walker).  Now I can feel my knee pain, lol.

So I am getting ready to set up physio appointments and looking forward to a slow return to running 🙂

Now that I can move around, I will be able to do my review on Manitoba Hemp Hearts!  This will also be giveaway time!

Stay tuned 🙂