The Home Stretch for #ProjectAmy

Wow….the time has flown by!!

I can’t believe I am 10 sleeps away from my knee surgery.


Nervous?  HELL YES!  Even with all the activity of the past little while, it seeps into my brain late at night.

Nervous Girl by themedusa on DeviantArt

How has #ProjectAmy been doing?

Well, I must say, it has kept me moving.  Being a 9-5er has it’s moments, but I have been able to get physical activity into each day.  Well, except yesterday…I took that as a rest day.

Today my activity will happen later this evening.  I kind of slept in this morning and chaos ruled my morning.  My gym bag is sitting in my bedroom at home.  But no worries, I’ll be on it like white on rice!


All my Tweeples and friends have been keeping me on point, which I am very thankful for!

After my surgery, #ProjectAmy will be taking on a whole different path as I will be focusing on recovery….and not losing my marbles (this is where #FightForHappy will be in FULL EFFECT).  



 This also means I won’t have to eat cat fur for while doing my pushups.

I’ll miss the pushups, not the cat fur!

Cat fur will probably be more prominent as they will hover over me the first little while, lol.




Are you ready for surgery CrazyMama?

Well, I rearranged my bedroom on the weekend.  Sleeping was weird.  I was deeper in my bedroom than I am now.  And being closer to the door is just a little freaky.

I started other cleaning/purging projects on the weekend as well.  Then got completely overwhelmed and had to stop.  So this week will be about tackling one thing at a time.  I also took the day off before surgery next week (and Monday is Heritage Day here in Nova Scotia), so Friday is my last full day of work.

There will be lots of cooking going on this weekend and meal prep for sure.  Clothing prep and post-op station will also be done this weekend.

Okay…enough before I get overwhelmed again, lol.

So, yes, for the most part I think I am.  Just need to keep myself on the steady until the 18th.

Next post will be bringing ya’ll up to speed on the final week on this installment of #ProjectAmy, and sharing my extreme nervous energy days before surgery.  

So if you thought THIS post was scattered, lol.