#ProjectAmy/#FightForHappy Update and Plans for the Upcoming Week!

#ProjectAmy Got Off To a Great Start!

I logged 17kms walking – woop!  This included taking the stairs as often as I could when I was at work.  I also got outside as much as humanly possible.  The Vitamin D was good for me!

I was also able to get in some yoga at home and at a class 🙂  I was able to get some Yin Yoga in at home as well.  I really am seeing the benefit of a regular practice!

Started my upper body training…which is being kicked into high gear!  


In 17 days I am going to need that upper body strength to haul myself from my “pod of no weight on the leg” to the bathroom and kitchen area (or just move my coffee makers to the living room, and yes, I said makerS).  I know I won’t see MEGA changes, but I need that strength, for now and later!
I may need this Tshirt for my recovery…lol


I started off my February with a meditation this morning.  It is also the beginning of the Meditation Challenge with DoYouYoga.com!  I will be saving that one for later this evening.
Meditation = Happy 🙂

What’s on for this week?

Well, more walking for sure.  
Packing my bag tonight for yoga class tomorrow at the gym (going to try and make the three classes this week – two being my goal).
Working on the upper body and core.
As before, keep on me people!  If you don’t see a #ProjectAmy on Twitter (@crazymamaruns) or my Facebook Page (Crazy Mama Runs)….send me a “Hey, did you get out to walk, to the gym, or meditate today?” message.  I need it!  
(Props to Peady for sending me one of these this week!!  And to my Greg for making sure I stick to my guns!)

And I just want to say…

Thank you.
Thank you to my “Greg” for the #ProjectAmy inspiration and being my biggest source of encouragement.  I love ya!
Thank you to my Ginger Friend for making sure I get out with the girls!
Thank you to all my Twitter peeps who keep me looking forward, and reminding me of how much closer I am to lacing up my sneakers 🙂
Thank you to all my FitBit peeps who keep me moving.  Even if I don’t reach my daily goal, you keep the challenges coming 😉
And thank you to my family for being there, as always.