Knee Surgery BABY!!!!!

Yes, I Have a Surgery Date!

Relief is in sight!!  Happy Dance all around!

When I arrived home last evening after getting the new hairs (check out my FaceBook Page for pics!) I checked my voicemail.

*Insert Angelic Music Here*

There was a message from the Surgeon’s Assistant telling me off I go for surgery on February 18th.

Happy is just one word I can use.  Nervous and excited for sure!  All depending on what the CT Scan shows and what he sees when he gets in there – there MAY be a bone graft for my femur.  Crossing my fingers that this is not the case and he can just screw the hangy piece back in and work on the dead fractured area.

What does this mean?

Well, we are looking at a 6-8 week recovery where I can not have any weight on my leg AT ALL (unless I am doing well, and may be able to put weight on my toes after a few weeks).  Then physio and check ups.  Not sure of the full recovery time yet, but it would be wonderful to run in the late summer early fall.  Just recreational at first, but man, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!


I begin my crazy Virgo induced worrying and preparing for the worst, lol.  My V and I will get the apartment in order (two level two bedroom = stairs) so I will be able to survive the first little bit without moving too much.

And then meal planning and prepping after that.  V will be able to help out big time since she’s 16, but to have simple, fast things to pull out and heat up would be great, and some slow cooker stuff frozen so she can dump it in before she heads to school.

All that being said, I know I have some great resources at my hands – YOU!

  • What are some quick and easy freezer meals?
  • Any sites you would recommend for easy recipies?
  • Any injury experiences you would like to share?

Feel free to comment below – I love getting feedback!