This Year I Give Myself Permission….

To Write About It All….

The good stuff, the frustrating stuff, the goofy stuff, you get it 😉


It’s a big part of why I started this blog after all.

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And So….

It may seem trivial….but I am back to chewing the skin off around my fingernails.

Gross right?

Damn straight it is.  But this is how my nervous energy manifests.  My frustration, anxiety, stress, etc., boils up and I can’t help it.  My fingers look disgusting right now.  So I have to stop it.  More meditation?  Maybe acupuncture?

All I know is.  I have to stop it!  GAH!

And Then…

One of the ways I cope with my depression/anxiety is through humour.  I call myself crazy, make jokes with family and friends.

Some folks may be offended by that.  And if I have offended anyone, I am truly sorry.  But it’s my coping mechanism and I find it helps.  Because sometimes underneath that laughter, I am breaking apart inside.  Laughing helps me.

It helps me help others.  Let’s them see that they too can function, even on the bad days.  And then I remind myself that those that love you, they just want to help you, to love you, to hold your hand and tell you it will be okay.  So they will laugh with you, cry with you and hang out in your nest when you don’t want to leave.

So, I’ll keep talking about it, keep calling myself crazy and keep laughing.

I am also

Keeping myself open.  It’s my Mantra for 2015.  I AM OPEN.

I am going to slow down a bit more (not like slothy slow down) and notice more.  We rush rush rush.  Wear ourselves down.  Forget to stop and SEE things.  We scan and move on.

And so I hope

That you will continue to come along on my journey this year.  It’s going to be an interesting one for sure!

Interesting:  I joined Earthathon!  #teamhumanrace  (this is a virtual relay race around the globe and results are tweeted daily)

I can’t run, but I can walk.  So it motivates me, along with my FitBit, to keep mobile.

What do you give yourself permission for this year?

What is YOUR disgusting habit/coping skill?  We all have one!

What is something that motivates you?