A blank canvas.

Where there is much uncertainty in the land of Crazy Mama.

Yep…whole lotta empty right there.

I had what I am sure was the beginning of Knee-mageddon on Saturday where I went to stand up and something moved….something REALLY moved inside my knee.  

There was pain and quite a few bad words.

When I woke up the next morning, there was a smallish lump up above my knee.  I tried to show my Greg, but he SO did not want to see it.

So I moved it.  Smooshed it back to where it came from…I think.  Then something tried to escape on the inside of my leg from inside my knee.  So, I smooshed IT back to where it came from.  

I think.

I called the surgeon’s office on Monday and got an appointment for January 9th.

I figure the piece of cartilage/bone that is already in there really wants to escape, or a friend has joined it from FemurTown.

This also happened after my FitBit christening.  I took over 13,000 the first day.  Now I am lucky to make it to 10,000.  Boo-urns.  My cousin’s wife is currently kicking my BUTT.

Not that I am taking this lying down!

Because I am not.  I am still goal planning with yoga, and gym stuff, and my whole life in general.

I just want to be able to plan a run.  Not a big run, but a run.

And I know I will.

But back to my FitBit…

I absolutely LOVE my FitBit Flex! My Greg gave it to me for Christmas. It has a lime green band and I am absolutely enthralled.

This puppy tracks my steps, my sleep (the quality and quantity), I can also plug in my food and water on the app.  I don’t know how I survived before it!!!  (Well, okay, I DO, but shut up…..lol)

This is my first “device” that I have attached to my body to track anything, so I am totally biased right now.  I believe that you have to find what works for you.   But I just love this little guy and so enjoy having it buzz and light up when I hit 10,000 steps!  So addicted!

I am still really digging into all it can do.  So awesome.

So, resolutions?

Have to say, not really making any this year.  Only because it really is a blank canvas for me.  A lot of unknowns.  

Usually, as a person with depression/anxiety, this would send me around the bend.

But for some reason.  I’m okay.

I think that maybe I needed this break to realign.  To get back to the other forms of fitness that compliment my running.

A crappy way to take a break, but you have to play the cards you were dealt.

So, I have begun to read The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

I am writing down things that inspire me, so that I can share them on my blog.

I am also doing a 10 day Yoga InstaG Challenge with Erin Motz.

What has been inspiring you lately?  Who has been inspiring you lately?