Christmas Post….What I Learned About Charlie Brown Today….

Yes, Charlie Brown.

Today, V (my daughter) and I attended a concert.  Tales of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Such classy broads 😉

I was lucky enough to win tickets to this event through a Twitter Chat I participated in last Wednesday with East Coast Moms 

For those of you that don’t know, Jerry Granelli (drummer of the Vince Guaraldi Trio who wrote the score for A Charlie Brown Christmas), is from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  His Trio performed for the audience today with the Vivace Children’s Choir.

We attended the Matinee, which was filled with families.  Such a great atmosphere!

Once the Trio and the Choir took to the stage, Jerry shared many stories about Vince, the recording of the soundtrack and the cartoon itself.

Things I did NOT know:

  • Lee Mendelson heard Cast Your Fate to the Wind and contacted a jazz writer for the San Francisco Chronicle who put him in touch with Guaraldi, and asked Guaraldi to score the cartoon
  • Coca Cola commissioned and sponsored the special 
  • CBS did NOT want to air it.  Too slow.  Did not like the Linus reading from Bible. They said “NO”
  • Coca Cola said “YES”

And we know who won.  Thank you Coca Cola!

They also showed a clip during the performance of the Guaraldi Trio recording the score in the studio.  I had no idea Vince had a stylin moustache!

Apparently, the ‘stache used to scare Jerry 😉

The afternoon was filled with the awesomeness of Charlie Brown and has totally gotten me in the Christmas mood!!

If they do something similar next year, I am totally getting tickets!

I think we often lose track of what Christmas is all about, and the reason I love A Charlie Brown Christmas is that it brings it all back to the real reason in a super cute way.

So, take some time with your family and remember why we celebrate this wonderful holiday!