Back to the GYM!!!

I know, Super Pumped RIGHT???

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve actually been to gym before.  Worked in one even.  Trained people too 😉

This is a nice small gym at my workplace (big bonus points – it’s RIGHT THERE) and I know the guy who runs it very well.  I always feel welcome and he knows that I was a trainer in the past.  So he lets me do my thing and we chat about my injury and what I am thinking of doing in the future with my fitness.  It’s nice and chill.

There is only one other gym I would frequent in the HRM – and that is 360 Fit

Devin and the gang at 360 Fit are wicked awesome.  If they were closer to me in Halifax, I would be kickin’ it there 😉  But  they’re in Burnside…and it would take me forever to get there at lunchIf you are over the bridge and are looking for some killer bootcamps and trainers…GO TO THIS GYM!

As I sit here typing, my legs are nice and sore (legs on the elliptical day yesterday).  I chose the elliptical because cardio…and it gave me something to hold onto while I worked the legs.  I am not a “bouncer” on the elliptical.  I want to work my muscles, not jiggle my junk…lol.  It felt great and I am once again hooked!

I went for a walk with my friend T today on the waterfront, and we climbed the Danger Wave 😉  

Danger Wave….beware

Tomorrow is yoga at the gym , which is good because these legs need a good stretch and my inner peace needs some major peace (and there is a nice spot for me to hang where I can keep my balance, not fall over and hurt others!).  This is also in addition to my yoga challenge – Day 29 tomorrow!!!!

I do miss my hot yoga….maybe after surgery, and recovery, and physio….

So, stay tuned for some workouts and gym selfies!  Woooooo!

And Christmas stuff…because it’s December, and I love Christmas!!

But my next post is my review of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge.