Mom Post – Overwhelmed and Holding it Together

It’s that time of year.

Getting close to the Holidays (I know we’re not THAT close, but it is gonna sneak up on you I tell ya!) and my brain is close to being fried.

Keeping myself on track, happy, healthy and on top of all my tasks is becoming overwhelming.  I have things to keep me on track, don’t get me wrong: Reminders, Apps, Calendar Appointments.

I just feel like I am drowning.  Like there are not enough hours in the day.

Work is becoming crazier.  It’s that “let’s get it all done before the end of the year” push.  Piles of paper and boxes are everywhere.  Nerves are frazzled.

Then, there is getting everyone’s Christmas Gifts made/purchased (I do not like being a last minute shopper) while completing other projects for paying customers….hibernation seems like a great idea.

It is during times like these that I just want to sit down and cry.  For real.

But, as a single mom I have to keep it together, without losing myself to the chaos.  I do have a great support system.  Some days it’s good to know I can just rant and they will listen.  But some days I just don’t want to burden them, because I am just so tired and don’t want to talk.

So at night, before I go to bed, I sit.

And breathe.

Just for a couple of minutes.

And then, I may or may not scream into my pillow, depending on the day.

But I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone.  That moms everywhere are sharing my plight, and are in the exact position I am – whether you are a stay at home mom, or a working mom.

We all get overwhelmed.  And we all collectively scream into our pillows.

So if you will excuse me, even though it is mid-day, I think I need to scream into MY pillow.