Wet and Wild Lucky 7 Relay! (Bucket List Run – Canadian Running Magazine!!)

So I volunteered for the Lucky 7 Relay Race

And got myself down to the Atlantica Hotel on Saturday to pick up my awesome Race Crew T!

Woohoo!  Go Race Crew!

Of course, we ARE on the East Coast of Canada, so the weather is always unpredictable.  I got up on Sunday, ate my breakfast and gathered my gear to wear.  Needless to say, I was not exactly thrilled with the temperatures…

This called for My Soxy Feet long socks!  They were feet layer #1 😉

When I arrived at the top of Citadel Hill, it was misty, cold and kinda blah.  Actually a little colder than I thought (note to self – more layerage when NOT running!)  I met up with Stacy (Runner and Race Director) in the “Don’t Park Here” Parking Lot (oops!) and my job at that moment was given to me.  I was the “Don’t Park Here” Girl.  I was given a fabulous helper and we directed folks to the other entrance for parking. 

It IS as cold as it looks!  lol (Yay rain coat and pants!)

The “Don’t Park Here” Parking Lot

The TNT Purple People setting up their water station 🙂

So, once all the volunteers and sponsors made their way in, our job at that station was done.  

I was then assigned down by the Finish Line with a couple of other awesome volunteers to make sure runners did not walk back over the Atlantic Chip finish line with their bibs on!  This was harder than you might think! Being a relay, everyone wanted to head over to cheer on the next leg.  (The race started inside the Fort and you are to run 7 times around the Citadel to complete your leg.)

(To check out some awesome photos of those folks running – head on over here: Photo Stream )

I was as vigilent as I could be, holding my “Keep Right to Finish” sign and trying to cheer on the runners in the off and on torrential downpours with super wind that was going on – trying to stop those from crossing that finish line!  A couple runners got past me and totally wonked their finish time 😦  Bib numbers were taken so they could fix up the times of those who literally walked back over the sensors.  Eeeeeep!  Trying to steer runners away is NOT an easy job!  We are some determined people!  (By the second and third leg, this was much easier as folks were given the info before they ran out.)

So we cheered and blocked 😉  I was given relief about halfway through Leg 3 and headed back inside the Fort to stay dry and have snacks.

Watching the rain from INSIDE…snack time!
Cold and wet hands….brrrrr
Attempting to warm said hands.

I was there when the winner from the Third Leg made it in to get his bag and change.  What a rock star!

Third Leg Winner!  He was shaking like a leaf…

This was my fabulous helper’s tower – he made it out of counter popsicle sticks 😉

I ran this race last year (it was around the Halifax Commons) and absolutely loved it!  It is so much fun, and I ran a super awesome 38 min 7k….I was over the moon 🙂

This race also provides a warm breakfast afterwards at the lovely Atlantica Hotel (their Sunday breakfast buffet in the regular restaurant is also TO DIE FOR).  The oatmeal was amazing, as well as the croissants and muffins, juice and coffee!!  I was able to boot it over and warm up my belly, thereby warming up everything else, as my gloves were soaked and my body temp had regulated back to “Holy Crap It’s Cold” after moving and bopping around to keep warm on the Hill. 

I highly recommend this race as a must do!  The fun, the costumes and the atmosphere….well it just rocks!  When the Race Director is cheering you on at the finish line – well, I am wondering if Stacy has a voice today!!  We had so much fun.

Oh Starbees….how happy I was to see you.
These puppies were left to dry in the Van!!

To close out – I have to give MEGA shout outs to those who ran in those conditions (especially those in costume!!).  Cold wet rain sucks!  I also give a HUGE shout out to my fellow volunteers who cheered and stuck it out for the whole morning!  We are awesome!

And thank you so much to Stacy.  You run a good race girl 🙂