It’s Almost Here.

My date with the surgeon.

And I have my nervous face on.

I mean, I pretty much have a good idea about what is going to happen.  It’s just hearing him say it, and I can ask detailed questions about recovery.

I’ll be fine going into surgery.  I just know it won’t be pretty when I am done.

So, as of tomorrow it’s one week.  Let the finger chewing….BEGIN!

It was turkey weekend here.

Canadian Thanksgiving.  Food, Family and what we are all thankful for…..TURKEY!  I had my share, both Sunday and the holiday Monday.  Some say our Thanksgiving coincides with the start of hockey season….and that is why we celebrate in October, lol.  Who am I to debate THAT!

Today was my turkey hangover.  It involved A LOT of coffee and water.  Bad combo for my Tuesday-Monday.

What’s on my mind now??

Races.  When can I run them?  Will I ever do a full marathon? I have so many races that I want to do.  I’ll have to sit down and make a plan once I have full details of surgery and recovery.

So I am continuing with my yoga practice at home.  I will be volunteering the first weekend of November at the Lucky 7 Relay here in Haliwood, NS, and getting some runs in where I can.  (As long as my knee behaves!)

I was lucky on my Sunday run to tweak my stride a little and lead with my hips.  What a big difference that made!  I am learning more and more about my body and it’s mechanics as the years go by.  It is definitely an adventure, especially getting older and having injuries 😉


So, what does everyone do during their downtime?  Do you cross train more? Lift? Cycle? Swim?

I’d love to hear from you out there.  Drop me a comment!