September, Surgeon, and Looking Towards Late Fall…

Friday – Awesome Cookie Delivery

This weekend was awesomeness!

There were many celebrations this weekend, as yours truly turned yet another year older!

The awesomeness started on Friday with a delivery to my office…COOKIES!  My “Greg” is super duper fantastic.  These are from Halifax Cookie Cravings. Handmade, with locally sourced ingredients.  She delivers on her bicycle 🙂  MUCH LOVE to this lovely woman!

Had a great hike on Saturday in Victoria Park (the bottom pics in my mega pic).  It has Jacob’s Ladder, which are the stairs I am walking up…all 175 of them.

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Saturday – Hiking, Luau, and Fire!

This park is awesome.  We haven’t had much rain lately, so the waterfalls were waterdribbles 😦  But still a great day for a trail hiking adventure!

Then…..we came home, refuelled and got ready for an evening of Luau BBQ Party Time! Was a ton of fun!  Games, food and great people.  Definitely a great day 🙂 

Surgeon Appointment!!!  Yahoooo!

Love love love hot yoga!

Since I had not heard from anyone for about six weeks, I made a call to Dr. S as he told me to if I had not heard about a referral by this time.  Thank goodness the super awesome receptionist was able to find the info and hand me off to the surgeon who will be doing my knee surgery.  I meet with him in October 😀   Since it will be day surgery, I am hoping I get in BEFORE Christmas.  I would love to be able to run some races next summer/fall!

For now, I am to stick to my yoga and my short runs.  No racing.

So, What’s Going on Now?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The winning shirt arrived from Runalicious!  Soft, comfortable and fit me perfectly.  It is definitely in my rotation of super fantastic weekend shirts 😀  They have some really great t shirts and running singlets.  Give them a look see!

Been looking to get some new smoothie recipies.  I’ve gone through Pinterest, but if any of you out there have some quick and easies, please comment below!  I love trying new smoothies 🙂

For now, I am trying to keep myself healthy and not cause further damage to the knee.  With this condition, where there are already mini fractures and floatie pieces in my knee, sometimes just taking a step can cause it to lock or let go.  Argh.  So my running is spotty, my walking questionable and my yoga full of adjustments.

So keeping the knee “good” is hard, because I am clumsy.  Really clumsy.  I once sprained my ankle running across the street to a Dairy Queen and I’ve been known to walk into door jambs, while walking towards the door.

Is anyone else clumsy like me?  lol