Contest Winner, Books, and A Confession….

Runalicious has chosen their winner!

And it was Jessica with the slogan “Chasing My Sanity” 🙂  Congrats Jessica!!

The Ladies posted a teaser pic today:

I love love love it!  AND….Runalicious is going to share the whole “how does this shirt thing happen” process with us!  Stay tuned to my blog for the awesomeness of shirt making!!  Thank you so much for this opportunity Runalicious!

I’ve started reading running books…

Photo: Bosu Burpees anyone?  Starting tomorrow!!because my running is sketchy at best with this lovely condition I have.  So, I figured, let’s get a fix of running through the written word.  I am still attending yoga classes and walking with sporadic running, so I am maintaining fitness, and the Bosu Burpee Challenge is still going strong!

[Today was 15 burpees.

I did them.

The Bosu gets kind of heavy after a while….that IS a good thing.  I tell myself that every extra burpee.]

Anyway, back to books.

On one of my last trips to Chapters, I wandered around aimlessly, looking for an actual book (My e reader is broken…I kind of inadvertently stepped on it while half asleep, because it had fallen on the floor.  I was reading in bed).

While I was hunting down another title with my daughter and my mother, I came across Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham.  It rang out to me and I had to have it. I am just about finished 🙂  It is an easy and enjoyable read.

I know some people are not “meditation” people, but for me and for some with a mental illness, meditation can be a way to bring ourselves BACK to ourselves.  To steady the mind.  To synchronize the mind and body.

I am always learning and I love to read.  My next book will be the Hansons Half Marathon Method .  I have read a teaser, and can’t wait to get started!

And now, my confession…

For those who are here on a regular basis, you know that I have been battling depression/anxiety for a little over 3 years now.

Sometimes, I get over confident, and think that I am “feeling better”.  When this happens, I kind of forget to take my medication every now and then.

So, yeah, I did forget quite a few days last month.  After a good dose of whoopass from my mother, I am back on track.

So if you are being treated and think you “may” be feeling better….check in with yourself.  Check in with your doctor.  Talk to someone you love and trust. They will tell you the truth, and kick you in the butt (in a good way). 

Hope to see you back here soon.  Keep your eyes open for the next post!