Lessons Learned as a Relatively Newb Runner

I’ve always learned things the hard way.

And that also applies itself to running.  I’m stubborn too, which just adds to the problem, lol.

I first started running when I was working with a personal trainer at the gym.  

It all started when one of the girls at my workplace started up a lunchtime run group.
The first day we ran 5km.  I felt like I was running on a cloud….oh wait, those were my new sneakers. BONUS POINT:  I had running sneakers.  I went out and bought a good pair of Sauconys.  Go me 🙂

I was hooked.  Running was awesome!

Problem #1: I was not stretching.  Not warming up.  Not like I should have been. This lead to some really tight legs after my very first 10km race (I had done a Run for the Cure 5km prior).

And then……about a year later

Problem #2 – Stubborn: Since I was invincible, I began to train for my first Half Marathon.

Training was going well (at least I thought it was, lol) After my 18km long run, I felt AWESOME.  Went for another run, pain.  A lot of pain.  Right outside my knee.  I thought, okay, rest up.  This was one week before the race.  I was tight all the way up to my hip.  So I foam rolled and bought a strap for the old IT band at the race expo.

Day of the half…I ran, in pain, and finished at 2:30.  I walked a lot of the last few kms, but ran over the finish line.

I could barely walk the next day.  Off to doc and off to physio.  My IT band was shot…tightest EVER.

Was a long haul back and lesson learned.

Problem #3: Not listening to my body.  This applies to Problem #1 and #2.  I was not stretching and applying any serious cross training.  I thought some of the pain was “just a runner thing”.  Yes, I should have known better.

Another year later!  We are into year 3.

Problem #4:  Eat better, fuel better.  This took some work, as I love to eat and the more I ran, the more I wanted to EAT!  This caused some upset belly moments and some dehydration.  This is a big lesson for newb runners.

Half Marathon #2:  Trained smarter, pushed myself a little bit harder (sometimes a bit too much, felt kind of nauseous and had to stop a couple of times) and ran a 2:10.

I was going to run another Half, but was very very sick not long beforehand and did a 10k at the Valley Harvest Marathon. Because I am a dork and was full of running excitement, I went out too fast and wanted to barf halfway through.  Finished in under an hour and finally said, okay, smarten up.

I ran a 21k relay the next month, Lucky 7 Relay with a couple of people from work.  I ran my 7km in 38 minutes.  I felt like a ROCK STAR 🙂

Heading into year 4…

I was running right up until the “Punta Cana Incident”.  We ran just about every morning around the resort nice and early, with the other runners.  Then I went and fell in the washroom (Yes, the washroom, and yes, I was sober).  This is the “awe man” moment when I was pretty sure I tore my meniscus, but found out I really have a condition called Osteochondritis Dissecans and I am due for surgery in the near future.

Once I am all “put back together” and travel down my road to recovery, I am getting back to the Half Marathon state and looking for a new PB.  With my new love of yoga and my wiser ways, I am starting my bucket list of races.  Need to kill that 2:10 Half!

Look out Half Marathon…..cause I am comin’ to get ya…..soon.

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned as a Relatively Newb Runner

  1. Hope you recover quickly. I have totally been through everyone of those lessons too. It's funny, its like you can read everything but we all need to experience it for ourselves before we actually listen to advice.


  2. Thanks so much Jen. I agree, we all read every tidbit of info and see other runner's stories, but it's like we need to “road test” our own injuries! lol


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