So, I’ve been RUNNING…..


My first run…hesitation in that face?  Umm, yes.

My second run – happy face, lead in the legs 😉

Two small runs, under 3kms, but RUNNING 🙂  This is a test of patience for me right now, as I have to #1:  listen to my body, and #2: know that this running will only be until the fall when my surgery is scheduled.

We are just about all settled in our new apartment.  I LOVE IT, it’s quiet and I get this awesome breeze on the balcony…SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.  The kitties have settled in well, although Jax is a scavenger of fluff from a chair…..

The “fluff” and the finder of the “fluff”

We (My “Greg” and I) also did some hiking along the trail at Crystal Crescent Beach.

It was not really sunny when we left, but boy oh boy, the sun came out and it was AWESOME!

In other spots, there were like a MEGA BEES

And there were bees, LOTS of bees…

In some spots, that’s all you could hear….

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..(it was a little freaky for a bit, but they weren’t concerned with us).

This doesn’t even capture the awesome rockage

Once we hit the part of the trail they do not maintain (WARNING: there is a nude beach just before this part….so if you take the kids, you’ve been warned…lol), then we hit the rocky part.  Super awesome rocks…we hung out here for a bit.

How are my legs…how is my knee?

So with my two runs and my hike, I am definitely feeling it in the leg region.  It’s been about 4 1/2 months since I have run, or done anything really physical with my legs, as I thought I was nursing a meniscus tear.  It feels great though!!  I am listening to my body and walking when necessary.  I need to get on a trail to run soon.  Those two runs were just around my area and with the pavement and downhills, that is causing some pain in the knee for sure.

I have scheduled in some yoga for tomorrow and Saturday morning on my phone app.  Need my flexibility back!

So, with My Soxy Feet blazing the trail with my Asics and LunaRacers, I am taking back my running 🙂

Well, until the Fall anyway!