I Survived the Move!

Did I have a major anxiety attack??

Boy did I ever!  Happened on Saturday when my now “old” apartment was full of boxes and chaos.

Too much stress and too much chaos.  Amy crashed and burned.  Much thanks to “my Greg”, mom and daughter for being there to put ol’ Humpty Amy back together again!

My muscles were feeling the good kind of sore yesterday.  So the functional fitness was a success!  Was careful with my knee (thanks to “my Greg”…again), even though it is sore, it is still together 😉  

So needless to say, I am now living in chaos, but it is one I can handle over time, so we are all good.  I really miss running…

But the best part is — Thursday!!! 

Thursday. The day I see the specialist and my game plan will be on the table.  So so soooooooooooooooo happy!
Next post will be the update.  Just wanted to let you all know I did survive, with only one meltdown 🙂

So stay tuned – I will mobile blog after my appointment!