Summer, Moving and Specialist Appointment!!!

OMG I am so excited!!

I got the call today for my follow up appointment for my knee!  I go one week from today.

I know that I am more than likely going to have to go under the knife, and I am good with that. Even if it does mean recovery time off the knee.

That being said, no matter what I am told, I am going to follow every single instruction.  I’ll be a good girl and not go off and do things just because I “feel better”.  (Yes I wrote this down, so I can hold myself accountable!  LOL)

What have I been up to?

Well, I enjoyed some beach time last weekend.  Saturday we ended up heading to Hubbards Beach and ran into a very good friend.  Had a great time…even though the water was hella cold.  Too cold to swim in, that’s for sure!

It’s the Atlantic into St. Margaret’s Bay.  

Once you’re numb, then great, but it’s the “getting to numb” part that is the problem.

On Sunday we ventured with the ladies of the family to Crystal Crescent Beach:

Crystal Crescent BeachCrystal Crescent Beach – Halifax Metro – Three white-sand crescent beaches located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour. Boardwalks to the first two beaches, vault toilets. Trailhead for a hike to Pennant Point, 10 km (6 mi) which provides interesting birding and wildlife viewing. (This little blurb brought to you by the interweb….)

We were there fairly early, so we were able to scoop up this sweet little crescent beach area and basically had it all to ourselves!  (Note: Having a very excited 2 year old niece who screeched with excitement helps to keep the beach clear).

 Since then I have been juggling work, errands and of course everyone’s favourite….PACKING AND MOVING. Needless to say I am a tad overwhelmed right now and have been procrastinating….admitting it out loud will make it real and enable me to not hide from it.  Stress and mental illness turns me into “Hibernation Amy”.  I just want to be alone and pretend it is all getting done.  NOT GOOD.

So, with the help of my most awesome boyfriend (He will now be called “Greg” because I’ve decided I am the Dharma to his Greg….hahahahaha.  Seriously though, it’s true….) and my family ladies, we are kicking it into high gear.  I also booked a truck for Sunday.  IT IS ON.

I was able to get some kitchen stuff moved and unpacked last night while enjoying the breeze from my kitchen window 🙂

So, crossing all fingers and toes, I will be moved in on Sunday…..say some small prayers for me!

This means my upcoming posts will be mobile.  I hope to get a “selfie” with my Specialist so I can blog it.  HE ROCKS!

CrazyMama out!