Energybits, My Soxy Feet and The MRI

A lot of exciting things this week!

My Energybits Prize Pack arrived!

And because I like trying things out right away, I opened those puppies up at work and took a serving before my walk at lunch.

I am a girl that crashes just about every day at 3:00pm.  Never fails.  I would like to curl up and have a “horizontal life pause” at this time.  NOT THIS DAY.  I need to say, I was good to go.  I had no problems at 3:00.  It was like…3:00pm?  WHATEVS 3:00pm.  I had two sample packs in my land of Bitdom.  I am saving the other for now  as we are moving soon and will need the extra zip for then.  I am seriously considering these during training (once my knee is better of course) because I did not have any stomach issues.  No heaviness, no nausea, no fullness.  I felt great!

Love the Inspiration on the back 🙂

Also, My Soxy Feet arrived!!!!!!  As an Ambassador this made me SUPER EXCITED as now I could tell folks just how awesome these socks are!  I put them on as soon as I opened the package and wore them until bedtime.  I ran errands and everything with these socks on.  My feel were cozy and they were NOT HOT.

They came all wrapped up with the super cute logo and my rescue kitten Jax loved them too!

Oh I am so getting some more of these babies!  I love being a Soxy Mama!

 And as for the MRI…

Well I went and spent part of my evening on Wednesday in “the tube”.  The first scan came and went and then they had to come and get me out….my knee wasn’t where they needed it to be.  And here I thought I was done!  LOL

Once repositioned, back into “the tube” I went.  Earphones on with a local radio station playing and “The Voice from The Void” telling me the next scan, how long it was going to be, and the cursed words “and try not to move”.  EEEEP!  Of course then everything itched and I felt restless.  GAH!

I made it through. Was in there for half an hour.  Hopefully I hear something early next week and we can get this show on the road….because I need to get on the road!

So tomorrow we beach and then we pack.  I received the keys to my new apartment today, so we are on a mission.

And now that well all made it to Friday…..get out there and enjoy the weekend!!!