Pushups, Packing and Where Did My Hair Go!!

Having a supportive partner is great.

Especially one who loves to share his love of fitness apps 🙂 We started using a push up app last week, and it’s great.  My arms, chest, core and back don’t think so, but, too bad!

We are both waiting impatiently for the outcome of my MRI on Wednesday.  I miss working out with him and running with my bud K.

The results will hopefully fly speedy like through the interweb to my specialist.  Because on Saturday, while just walking my niece in her stroller, my knee gave out….bad.  Like “can’t put my foot down and holy crap what will I do if I can’t walk home” bad.  But some elevation and ice…good to go.  I  dislike that uncertainty.

My other super exciting fun thing this month has been packing.  Okay, big lie.  It’s not fun.  A necessary evil to get to my new place of awesome.  It’s coming along.  Bit by slooooooooooow bit.  Good news though, my new bedroom will have a space for me to set up a little serenity area 🙂  Yoga mat, super awesome fountain and chill.

I did a total random thing on Friday.  Something that has caused many “WHOA” moments.  I cut my hair off.  Yep.  Snippedy Snip.  I’m not one who freaks out about it.  It grows back.  It’s hair.  But it has been quite a while since I’ve had it cut this short.  Feels liberating.  And it’s great for the heat 🙂

Besides, it’s time to grow out this hair colour.  I’m not a real blonde. You’ll have to hang on over the next while to see what’s hiding underneath!

Since we’re all here…

Time for some irony.  Those of us who have a mental illness know that physical activity plays a big part in our recovery.  The ironic thing about my situation…I was working in the fitness industry when my world collapsed in on me.  Things happen for a reason at the weirdest times in our lives.  I continued to train with my trainer once I was put off of work.  I am so glad I did.  Even though my whole body had shut down, she got me through some tough shit.  It’s why I adore her to pieces and why I miss running with her.  Hopefully soon we can get back to our runs and our wonky jibber jabber.

Signing off for tonight.  For those who run:  Run with your heart.  For those who are in their dark place and are uncertain:  There is a light in there, I promise.  For those who love us when we are in that dark place:  Thank you.