Becoming Grounded…and Total Randomness

With things being totally hectic over the past couple of months…

I’ve found it hard to focus.  Especially with not being able to run  That was a form of meditation for me. 

I have found other ways to get my fitness fix, with some prompting from the man in my life (we’ll call him Mr. Y) and I am grateful for that.  He is very patient with me as he is still getting to know my moods and my mental illness. 

I have been doing meditation and yoga at home, as I have posted in the past.  But I have to say.  It has really made me pause the past couple of days and I am now trying to be more aware.  Of how I love the smell of my coffee in the morning.  How great smoothies taste.  How I have way too much “stuff”.  How I love my sneakers.  How comfortable I am in my running gear.  How much I love food – fruit, greek yoghurt, dried cranberries.  How grateful I am for my support system.  How much time I DON’T spend enjoying the silence around me…and I thought, “I’ve gotten caught up in stuff”.  Time to get grounded!

This means more time to meditate, more yoga, a hunt for my mala beads (let them choose me), more fitness and more awareness.

A yoga blog I love is Yoga Girl.  She shares a lot and I love it.  Her good times, bad times, her emotions.  It’s all laid bare.  She is non-apologetic about sharing her feelings and I think it ROCKS.  I mean, we’re not happy ALL the time…and I think that’s okay.

I’ve also been reading other fitness blogs (i.e. Fit Grampa – a new blogger) and yoga blogs.  The blogging runners (some listed here on my page) I follow keep me excited about the prospect of running again, AND I am getting to learn of some really cool races outside of Nova Scotia.  Really looking forward to doing some of these!!  I also have a great twitter feed FULL of awesome supportive runners/bloggers (Bagtownblogtrotter, Michelle The Runner, Janet of jan.etc, and so many others!  To list them all….that’s another blog post…lol).  This is something I am really thankful for 🙂

My mission for the rest of the summer is to not move so fast that I miss the things that make me HAPPY.  To enjoy what I can do now, knowing that eventually I will be able to lace up and run.  Because there are some that don’t have that luxury.
****As I finished editing this post ….I am happy to say that I have an MRI appointment!  I call tomorrow for details 😀      

2 thoughts on “Becoming Grounded…and Total Randomness

  1. Good for you! I find it's always hard to strike the balance between wanting to do everything and taking the necessary time for me. I'm very excited to hear that you have an MRI appointment – you're well on your way to running again 🙂

    Also, thanks for the shout out – right back at you!


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