Dr. Bill Stanish, The Knee and OMG My Teenager is Graduating from Grade 9!!!

Today was the day!!

I arrived at Dr. Stanish’s Office at almost 8:10 (traffic/construction/etc held me up) for my 8:15 appointment.  I registered and sat in the waiting room for my name to be called.

A guy two seats over was slurping his hot beverage….and I mean slurping.  I gave him the “REALLY?!??!?!” look.  It was like nails on a chalkboard, lol.

I didn’t wait long, it was like 10 minutes and then I heard my name….YAY!

Went into a little curtained room and waited.

Dr. Stanish arrived shortly after and we went through how I injured myself and my whole physio treatment.  We also discussed the lovely click and snap of me knee.  Joy.  He was impressed with my quad strength, as that usually dies with a meniscus tear.  I told him I have been rockin it with my exercises!

He is setting me up to have an urgent MRI (which means I am on the cancellation list here in Halifax, NS), so I am hoping sooner rather than later.  I told him that not running is KILLING me.  He told me not to worry, he’s going to get me fixed up.  Once we have the MRI we can get the ball rolling 🙂 Happy happy happy!!

I was in and out in 20 minutes.  He is a wonderful Specialist and super easy to talk to.

That being said, my knee hurts like hell today.  It’s getting grumpy more often than not….jerk…lol.


Tomorrow is my daughter’s Grade 9 Graduation…..holy crap!  How did this little person get to be 15 and getting ready for HIGH SCHOOL!

We’ve had our moments most recently, but I love her to pieces and hope to help her through the next 3 years….instilling that these years ARE important, that you can have fun and buckle down, and to enjoy them as much as possible.

She is thinking about trying out for the Rugby Team, so we’ll be getting her body in tune over the summer.  Good thing Mom was a personal trainer for a short while….it will come in handy!!

So, stay tuned for more knee fun…and I am hoping to get more cycling in, so this may take precedence in my posts, along with SUMMA FUN!!  So hang on tight…it going to be an AWESOME RIDE!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Bill Stanish, The Knee and OMG My Teenager is Graduating from Grade 9!!!

  1. Don't injuries just SUCK!!! It seems like you have a great positive attitude and are taking all the necessary stops to fix it ASAP!

    Please tell your daughter to not rush the next 3 years…like my post on Wishing Time Away…these years are going to be the best years of her life!!!


  2. They suck BIG TIME! Trying to stay as positive as possible 🙂

    My daughter is nervous for sure, but I told her that these years are the some of the best! I'll try and slow her down as much as possible….lol.


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