Fitness, a Rescue Kitten and my Chaotic Week

The RollerCoaster Week…

 So, I’ve been trying to get my fitness in during a crazy busy week of work and looking for a new apartment to live in.  

This week has been filled with yoga. I am gearing up shortly to do some gimpy leg squats and ride the recumbent bike. 

I am getting my legs stronger and trying to focus on my core.  Even on the days I don’t want to.  Which is the same for when I am running.  Hoping to get this lateral meniscus looked at soon so I can get my recovery moving along and start running again 🙂

I am a morning workout/running kind of gal.  Not saying that I won’t work out any other time….it’s just my preference is the morning.  Wonder how many folks prefer the evening?  Feel free to comment!

Work has been absolutely bonkers.  My desk is a disaster zone and trying to dig myself out.  But that being said, busy makes my day go by fast and I am doing what I love.

In the middle of all of this…I said yes to a rescue kitten 🙂

We named her Jax.

She is all cozied up in my bathroom and has been out a couple of times securely wrapped in some cozy t-shirts to spend some quiet time with myself and my daughter.

She’s made the weekend interesting and is changing up our dynamic for the good!


4 thoughts on “Fitness, a Rescue Kitten and my Chaotic Week

  1. I'm definitely a morning runner/worker-outer too. I ran during an evening last week and it was fun, but everything just felt a little bit off.

    Also, Jax is so cute! Hope she's getting settled in 🙂


  2. My body rebels against the evening run….especially the first 2-3kms….it's like I am running through molasses! And thanks – she is starting to come out and around a little bit more 🙂


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