New Month….What Will it Bring?

Hopefully Some Good News!

Like, the date of my referral???  Please?  I miss running with my peeps!

Like this peep – my running bud! (I am smiling but in soooooo much pain in this picture!! My IT band was DONE.)

Finding new ways to keep it all together physically (and mentally) is a lesson in patience.  And I have none…lol.  So, some days are really hard to get motivated.  Just taking that first step is the toughest part.  I just want to flop and be schlumpy.  Especially since my knee went all lateral meniscus tear on me.

(I curse my knee daily.  It’s like Jekyll and Hyde.  Just when I think maybe it’s feeling good….*pop*…*cringe*…AAARRRRGHHHH!)

To torture myself (but really to keep myself motivated), I check out other running blogs (it’s good to see other runners come through their injuries and get back at it!) and search out races that I would love to do once I’m back and running again. For example: PEI Marathon, Beer Run in Fredericton, NB, The Johnny Miles Weekend, The Bluenose (of course), The Valley Harvest, Mud Hero, etc etc….lol.

And who knows, I may get adventurous.  A duathlon perhaps?

I plan on being one busy lady 😉