What Am I Doing With Myself Since I Can’t Run??

The Itch That Can’t Be Scratched

It’s not that I am not being active. I have a recumbent bike in my bedroom, a bosu ball, a swiss ball, hand weights, yoga mat, etc.

It’s the fact that I cannot run.  My main outlet for stress, my time to think, my “me” time.  GONE.

I have been meditating to keep my focus.  It is helping a lot.

I have always been an avid reader.  Right now I am reading 12 Years A Slave.  I am a huge Stephen King fan as well (even though he has turned me against clowns FOREVER).  I crochet which helps me not eat myself into oblivion.

Being a mom to a teen daughter keeps me busy as well.  And my day job totally keeps me busy!  But still, I CAN’T RUN.  No races, no training, no BLT runs, no swag, no camaraderie, no new running gear…

So, to keep myself moving and raise awareness for a great cause, I am participating in the Defeat Depression Event next month.  Because physical fitness rocks!  I wonder if wearing my hydration belt would be out of line…. 😉

Next blog post…Runners and their “stuff”!