Why do I run??

A question I get asked often.

As I mentioned in my first post, I did my first real run at lunchtime.  It was 5k and I smoked it!!  I remember going out beforehand and buying my first pair of actual running sneakers.  Saucony Pro Grid 4s.  I was in love, with running and with my Sauconys.
About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with depression, and then later, anxiety. After my body came back to life (because like the ad says….depression really DOES hurt) I began running again.  My doctor encouraged me to continue my physical activity, as this would help me in managing my depression and anxiety.

I ran my first half marathon (Blue Nose) in 2012, with an IT band injury.  I was in pain, but stubborn and determined!  I was just so happy to finish.  And it was HOT.

For me, running is a way for me to clear out the cobwebs.  To not HAVE to think about anything in particular.  To free myself from stress.  You hear people talking about runner’s high.  I get it.  Endorphins.  You want to run farther, longer.   It’s like you connect with something deep inside of you. 

I am a better mom, a better person in general, after I workout or run.  It’s my “me time”…and I deserve every minute 🙂   

2 thoughts on “Why do I run??

  1. I don't think I've ever been to your blog! I've added it to my feedly so I won't miss any posts 🙂

    But I completely agree. I'm such a better person after a run. Good luck with your recovery!


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