Physio Day

Leg suction here I come!

It is Physio Day! 

Packed up my fitness gear in preparation and wore my Asics to work.  I only was able to run in them twice.  They are feeling neglected, I know they are.

On my way into work, I receive an email from the Valley Harvest Marathon (held in the beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia) about the race this year….SAD FACE EMOTICON.  I ran the 10km race last year (I was layered and ended up with the sausage roll under my shirt…lol) and was seriously considering the Half for this year at one point.  It is a gorgeous run!  But alas, it is not looking good.  


All participants at the Valley Harvest received this really cool blanket (and the jacket I am wearing in the pic above).  I love it! Especially with what seems to be the longest bout of cold weather EVER this year.  My apartment is freezing every morning….because I am stubborn and truly believe you should NOT have the heat on in May 🙂

Trying to remain positive and not eat my face off to make up for not running!  It’s hard, and I really have to take stock of my food intake.  So, today I had some plain oats with cinnamon, honey and Omega Crunch Flax.  It was awesome.  Back on track I go!  I love the Omega Crunch Flax.  I keep some of the Cinnamon flavoured in my desk drawer for my yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.  It’s YUM!

It’s time to ice the knee again.  If anything exciting comes out of physio, I’ll let you know!