Physio Day Update

The Day of Stability

So, off I went today to physio.  Excited I was, because the last time I stretched there was a *pop* and a *snippedy snap* feeling inside the knee.

I was hopeful! 

And yes, there was some improvement on my extension – WOOOOOOO!

But booooooo, there was still pain when forcing further extension on the physio table.  Sad runner girl.

So, we worked on my stability and my balance, which are both sketchy right now.  We used a Bosu Ball  to get myself situated where I then did some super awesome surf moves!  Oh, and I did some squats too 😉

After our fun time of exercises, off I went to the LEG SUCKER.  This is what my leg looks like afterwards.  The other side looks similar.

I go back in 3 weeks.  Still no running.

She did notice my hesitation when doing side steps on the Bosu Ball.  I told her that my fear is when the foot connects, the knee goes.

(Which has happened, at very inopportune moments.  Like walking, anywhere.  Or going up and/or down stairs. Or having to move quickly when people suddenly stop in front of you….ack!)

Looks like I will be working on the core to get back some stability.  More yoga too.

So, for now my running fix will have to be cheering other runners on race days, volunteering, participating in some weekly twitter chats, reading other running blogs and Canadian Running/Runner’s World.