Missing the Long Run

And craving chocolate…lol

The weekend, when usually a long run would be in order.  I miss these runs right now.  When driving down to the Sunday Market today I saw tons of runners and run clubs out pounding the downtown pavement.

Then, while walking through the Market, my knee reminded me why I can’t run.  Jerk 😉

I head back to physio on Tuesday for a maintenance appointment.  Like a car, only cheaper!  The knee has been clicking and snappy this week.  I’ll end up looking like the Borg at the appointment….

 I do have a great physiotherapist.  She and I have also worked through an IT band issue I had (during) and after my first half marathon.

She’s my tune up lady until my appointment. Between her and my at home workouts I’m keeping my legs nice and strong.

Off to do some yoga!