Here. We. Go!

This is it!

My first blog post…be kind…lol.

I guess you could call me a “rogue runner”.  I don’t belong to any running club, never have.

I started running after I had been working with a personal trainer for a few months.  A gang of ladies at work started a lunch time run, and so off I went.

I GOT HOOKED.  I loved the rush.  The wind against my face.  Feeling my muscles push harder.  The sweating (yes….the sweating).

The feeling of freedom.

I did a small stint as a personal trainer for about 5-8 months and ran my first 10km race (and did it under an hour), but not long after this race something happened…I crashed…mentally and physically.  So many personal things over the years had finally piled up and crushed me.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and later anxiety.

Running had been pushed to the wayside for about 6 weeks.  My body had shut down completely.  Everything hurt.

I just couldn’t do it.

After I started treatment and pushed through the fog, I started with small runs.  My trainer stuck by me all the way, even though we didn’t have any sessions, we were close friends.  She’s run two half marathons (2:30 and 2:10) and a 10km race with me.  She helped me through a lot.

Running is now my outlet, my serenity, my happy place.

As I sit here right now, I am injured.  Not even a sexy injury.

Slipped on a floor….in Punta Cana (yes, I was sober!).  I’ve done something to my right knee.

And so I am now waiting to see a sports med and I’ve decided to share my journey with the interweb.